Co-Enrollment Program

Co-Enrollment Program
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Integration
The co-enrollment program at Miles integrates Deaf, hard of hearing students, and hearing students in a public school setting. Each classroom has a general education teacher and a teacher of the Deaf and hard of hearing who work together to teach all the students. The Deaf and hard of hearing students and the hearing students are educated together, following the general education curriculum. Modifications are made for students with a hearing loss, depending on individual needs. Each classroom is a multi-age class, spanning 3 grade levels: Room 1 is a K-1st-2nd, Room 2 is a 1st-2nd-3rd, and Room 5 is a 3rd-4th-5th. Services for Deaf and hard of hearing students at Miles continue through 8th grade.

Each class is staffed with 2 teachers, and 2 interpreters. All three classrooms share one instructional aide. The classroom is equipped with a sound field system that amplifies the speaker’s voice for all students through a speaker system. Deaf and hard of hearing students also wear individual FM units with their hearing aids. All instruction is provided in spoken English and sign language.

Miles offers all related services based on each student’s needs and documented on the IEP. We offer speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, adaptive P.E., audiology, and support for ELLs (English Language Learners.) Many of our service providers sign and our speech therapist is also a certified teacher of D/HH students and is fluent in sign.

Miles is able to offer music, art and P.E. instruction for all students. We also offer after school enrichment classes in a variety of areas including gardening, dance, ASL, arts and crafts, etc.

Miles’ Communication Philosophy
There are many different ways to communicate with Deaf students. Miles has a flexible communication philosophy. We use multiple modalities to best meet the communication needs of each student. These modalities include ASL (American Sign Language) only, simultaneous communication (sign and spoken English together), oral English with sign support, or oral English only. All instruction is delivered in spoken English and in ASL. All classroom students and staff are expected to develop their sign language skills. Many of our hearing students become proficient in sign language.

There are additional benefits to the co-enrollment program at Miles. Our Deaf and hard of hearing students have a large social group who can sign. This provides for a rich and dynamic social circle for students to choose from. Miles also emphasizes character instruction by using a common language to discuss character traits like kindness, perseverance, and integrity. We have high academic expectations for all our students.

If you have additional questions about the co-enrollment program, please feel free to contact us.

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Teacher of D/HH in room 1
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General Education teacher in room 1
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Speech Language Therapist
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