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preschool paintingWelcome, parents and students to our virtual preschool. We hope you will find this site helpful in keeping up with the happenings in the preschool. Here you will find links to our calendar, lunch menu, and parent websites. You can also use this site to contact Erin Duncan at [email protected] or Becky Peterson at [email protected] and Cassee Melendez at [email protected] via email to check on the progress of your child.
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Erin DuncanI’ve been teaching preschool since the early 90s; working at Miles for most of that time. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education from ASU and a Master’s in Special Education from U of A. In 2012 I earned a National Board Teaching Certificate in Early Childhood Education.

I grew up in rural Vermont, spending much of my time outdoors. I am an advocate for outdoor and nature education as well as children’s need and right to play. I learn about my students by observing them play and conversing with them while they play. I use this knowledge to build curriculum and lessons that are meaningful to them.

When young children feel safe to take risks, are allowed to follow their natural curiosity, and communicate with interested adults about their experiences, they develop higher-level thinking skills such as how to pose and answer questions and how to categorize, organize, and synthesize information. Higher-level thinking skills are the building blocks of being an enthusiastic, engaged, and lifelong learner.
I know children achieve more when teachers and families communicate, work together, and hold high expectations for children’s learning. You can reach me at 225-2274 and [email protected]
Hearing Impaired (HI) - Explorer Program
Cassee Melendez - Explorer/Lead Teacher

Cassee Melendez
I am a native Tucsonan from a family of educators. I am proficient in American Sign Language (ASL), received a Bachelor of Arts in Exceptional Education: Early Childhood and a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Special Education: Neurology of Autism. Having over 10 years in the field of early childhood special education, I have worked with children in a variety of settings including the Center for Hearing Impaired Children (CHIC), Project ABLE, and Explorer program.

I believe in the benefits of early intervention and utilizing differentiated instructional techniques to meet the varying needs of the children in my class.

For the past nine years I have been privileged to teach an afternoon Explorer class at Miles E.L.C. and I am excited continue to teach the HI Explorer class.

If you ever have any questions or would like to get a hold of me, please feel free to call me at 225-2275 or email me at [email protected].