School Staff

Office Support
Clarissa Cancino
Office Manager
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Paulina Bracamonte
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Carolyn Raper
School Nurse
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Cristina Furtado
Health Assistant
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Grace Godoy
School Community Liaison
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Support Staff
Nancy Belot
ELD Teacher
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Alexander Garcia
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Wendy Johnson-Roe
Return to Intervention Specialist
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Kitty Hanson
Blue Room 14
ExEd Resource Teacher
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Ellen Ruble
Resource K-5
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Kelsay Knutson
Middle School Resource
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Kirsten Bradely
MTSS Coordinator
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Monica Granillo
Math Interventionist
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Paloma Gasque
Library Assistant
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Jordan Schwalbach
Speech Language Pathologist
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Mackenzie Fritz
Speech Language Pathologist
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Rebeca Mask
Occupational Therapist
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Suzanne Robertson
Physical Therapist
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Virginia McCormick
Adaptive PE
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Cynthia Gonzales
Cafeteria Manager
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Ex Ed Teaching Assts.
Tamara Gillette
Mel O'Flaherty
Kristin Roth
Gabby Flores
Evia Foster

Teaching Assts.
Cynthia Moss
Joan Cuellar

ASL Interpreters
Arnie Ventura
Lisa Cardenas
Michelle Grossi
Paloma Jauregui
Rachel Leffler
Alison McClain
Kiernan Monasmith
Gina Meschino-Hixon
Lora Switzer

Ex Ed Teaching Assts. Pre-K
Dagmar Meshell - Community Site Lead
Rebecca Celaya
Darin Schoeny
Jessica Bejarano

Richard Rincon - PM

Karla Santibanez
Deborah Weller
Dagmar Meshell
PK Coordinator
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Cassee Melendez
Room 13/Purple Door Preschool
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Grades K-1
Monica Connors
Room 3
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Erika Roberts
Room 1
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Jolene Terry
Room 1
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Grades 1-2
Erin Hines
Room 2
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Rosalie Perales
Room 4
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Grades 3-4-5
Jana Revell
Room 5
Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing
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Brittany Parsons
Room 7
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Sheree Kloetzel
Room 5
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Tia Tsosie Begay
Room 6
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Grades 6-7-8
Penny Donnelly
Cloud Room
MS Teacher
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Adriana Gonzales
Room 9
Middle School Math
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Patrick Kelly
Middle School Portable
Social Studies
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Adelle McNiece
Room 10
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Patty Mitchell
Middle School Teacher/Principal Designee
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Margo Taylor
Room 8
Language Arts
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Specialty Teachers
Delani Seymour
Middle School Band
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Raiden Thaler
ES Orchestra
Contact Mr. Thaler by Email

Katie Capp-Thaler
MS Orchestra
Contact Ms. Capp by Email

Laura Namerow
Art Instructor
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Alexandria Acuna
ASL Instructor
Rm's 1 & 5

Anna VanDevender
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Elias Kotzambasis
Contact Mr. Kotzambasis by email

Scott Waldorf
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Jennifer Wortman
Music and MS Choir
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